“The amount of information and diversity of speakers, topics, and organizations represented onstage was worth far more than the cost of admission.”

“I was impressed with the information that was shared. And it wasn’t geared to just those with mega-million dollar budgets.”

“The best arts or non-arts conference that I’ve attended.”

“Invigorating. Exciting. Eye-opening. A tour de force. Not to be missed.”

“For me, coming as an executive was incredibly helpful so my marketing manager and I could begin to develop a shared language about our digital marketing endeavors.”

“You need to come at least once; you will learn enough to fill your to-do list for the next year and then some.”

“Valuable exchange of ideas and exciting new initiatives, definitely not just for marketers but for anyone interested in audience development and engagement.”

“The most authentic conference for the arts (or for any industry for that matter). No sales pitches – just straightforward inspiration, motivation, and education.”

“Wish it were longer!”

“Of all the social media/digital marketing conferences I’ve attended, none compare to this one because it is so industry specific!”

“A must attend for any marketer at any level”

“The cornerstone of grasping digital marketing and engaging with a 21st century audience.”

“Large enough and comprehensive enough to be a significant use of time, small enough to still be intimate.”

“The best place to geek out with your peers”

“Each and every speaker was just stellar! They were articulate and clear and so smart an supportive in sharing tools to be more successful.”

“I watched every session, even those that weren’t relevant to my current digital marketing challenges, because every session was so well put together and every speaker was passionate and articulate.”

“My mind was blown in a good way about Google Analytics.”

goes down in my book as one of the most effective conferences I’ve been to. Kudos.”

“An inspiring and concise conference for digital marketing that has application in every department.”

“Exciting, great people, accessible topics. You will leave with an amazing to-do list.”

“A great source of inspiration and knowledge on digital marketing.”

“An essential event to propel your organization into the future of arts marketing.”

…An incredible tool for anyone working in any department in the arts industry today…I think there is something unique to this conference and I have never seen or experienced anything like it before now.

“It is a must for fundraisers and marketers to attend together. There aren’t many professional development opportunities for fundraisers that are cutting edge like Digital Marketing Boot Camp.”

“Fundamentally changed the way I think about my role as a marketer”

“2 days chock-full of hands-on digital training…we left with a handful of very specific ideas that we can immediately start implementing.”

I loved that the content could apply to large and small orgs…I learned something in every session and came home with ideas to implement right away.

“I learned a ton, felt good about where my org is and felt empowered to go home and try new things.”

The conference was great and I definitely have ample info to take back to my organization. The 10 takeaway format was well executed and provided me with actionable items. After debriefing with my executive director, she is very excited about the strategies I’m planning to implement over the coming months.

“A geek fest for arts marketers”

“A fantastic array of presenters.  And I don’t know where to begin with all my new knowledge!”

“This was a great opportunity to step outside the day-to-day and compare notes with others in the field, without feeling like I was sitting in a series of product pitches and presentations from ‘the usual suspects’.”

“This was the first conference where I could not wait to take the tools home and get back to work!”“This conference is essential for arts marketers looking to learn the basics of online marketing or to improve their skills in this ever-evolving landscape.”

“Regardless of experience levels, I think there was much to be learned from the presenters and attendees.”

“We left rejuvenated.  The difference it made in my department was immediately apparent upon coming back into the office.”This conference is essential for all arts professionals – being digitally savvy is the only way arts and culture will thrive going forward””A great experience and well worth the cost””The presentations were uniformly strong and well-presented. I liked the thought that went into the topics.”