Senior Sales Consultant for Live Events and Ticketing, Google (@GoogleLiveEvent)

As a Senior Sales Consultant for Live Events and Ticketing at Google, Jason Fahlstrom works closely with key ticketing, music and live events companies in North America on digital strategy and Google marketing solutions across search, display, mobile and video. During his tenure at Google, Fahlstrom has worked ​with theaters, Broadway, music labels and a variety of companies in live ​​events to improve their digital marketing and brand communications. Prior to Google, Fahlstrom taught marketing communications and branding at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and spent 10+ years on the agency side at Ogilvy, Team Detroit and JWT where we worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies on positioning and strategy development. Fahlstrom is currently a member of the American Advertising Federation, Adcraft Club of Detroit, American Management Association and the Music Business Association.