Director of Marketing and Communications, The Rubin Museum of Art (@elke8 | Facebook)

Elke Dehner is an arts marketer and brand strategist with a passion for connecting people through personally meaningful experiences. She is the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Rubin Museum of Art, a museum of Himalayan art and ideas in Chelsea, New York City, which translates ancient wisdom of Himalayan Asia to contemporary lives through art, conversations, performances, and experiences. Elke manages the Rubin’s digital presence, content strategy, media relations, promotions, and organizational communications. She leads its audience research and cross-departmental customer-centricity efforts. She believes that growth hinges upon a strong brand, which is rooted in listening to real people in the real world, understanding who they are, what they want and need, and what they get out of their experiences.

Born and raised in rural Bavaria, Germany, Elke lived in Paris and Dublin before falling in love with New York City and moving there in 2003. For over twenty-five years, she has collaborated on events from international art festivals to intimate, immersive, and participatory experiences. For the last two years, she and her partner have been co-hosting monthly “ego-free jams” in their Brooklyn home.