Director of Information Technology, Roundabout Theatre Company

As the Director of Information Technology at Roundabout Theatre Company, Daniel Gomez oversees the strategic use of technology throughout the organization and in each of the organization’s five theatres.  Daniel is a firm believer in the transformative experience of live art and has spent his entire career dedicated to providing support to those who make that experience possible.

In his short tenure at Roundabout, Daniel has sought to guide the organization through a number of major technological initiatives, beginning with the launch of Roundabout’s new website and online Archives.  Since the launch, he has endeavored to accelerate the adoption and integration of new technology, while also working to update and improve Roundabout’s existing IT infrastructure.

Before arriving at Roundabout, Daniel served as the Web Producer for Carnegie Hall.

Daniel earned his BA in Music at the University of Virginia.  An operatic tenor by training, he’s mastered the art of finding the one or two tenor opera arias while out at Karaoke.  He is prone to sesquipedalian tendencies and is a fully recovered logizomechanophobiac.