Executive Director, California Symphony (@AubreyBergauer | Facebook)

Aubrey Bergauer defies trends and then makes her own. In a time when most arts organizations are seeing declines, Aubrey has dramatically increased earned and contributed revenue at organizations of all sizes. Her focus on not just engaging-but retaining-new audiences grew Seattle Opera’s BRAVO! Club (for audience members in their 20’s and 30’s) to the largest group of its kind nationwide, led the Bumbershoot Festival to achieve an unprecedented 43% increase in revenue and propelled the California Symphony to expand its audience by 70% and quadruple the size of its donor base.

A graduate of Rice University with degrees in Music Performance and Business, Aubrey is praised for her leadership which “points the way to a new style of audience outreach,” (Wall Street Journal) and which drove the California Symphony to become “the most forward-looking music organization around” (Mercury News). Aubrey’s ability to strategically and holistically examine and advance every facet of the organization is creating a transformational change in the audience, in the office, on the stage, in the community, and is changing the narrative for the classical music industry.

Photo credit: Lindsay Hale