“How low can you go?” is the implicit question arts marketers face from executive directors and the board. Faced with a lack of material resources in planning campaigns and initiatives aimed at raising visibility, we are forced to get creative and turn to our biggest source of wealth — namely, the affinity of our fans in the social media space.
In this practical session, we’ll leave no stone unturned in our quest to drive attention on a micro budget, such as:
  • Blogging for dollars: how blogs, when implemented right, can drive interest and donations.
  • Casting fan voices: how to get your social media audience to provide great content that will liven up your campaigns.
  • Microsites on a micro budget: free tools that exist to build great mini campaign sites.
  • When a little goes a long way: where to ask for money strategically to make your micro-budget initiatives pack a major punch.

Amanda McCormick

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